Marketplace at BBB

BBB proudly presents handmade crafts and delicious treats sourced from local and global artisans!

These are the people and places that make our community such an amazing place to eat, shop & live.  

Check out where our wares come from by moving your mouse over each image, or clicking to visit their websites!


Lost & Found Handworks

Repurposing antique trinkets to create whimsical homes for succulents, air plants and other little sprouts, Kate finds beauty in the little things. Come in and see Kate's beautiful work decorating our shelves. 


Milk Oolong Studio

Introducing Leah Schaperow, a local artist making beautiful things with ceramics. Her pieces range from practical to abstract and we are so happy to feature her work in our space. Come check out her tea sets in the shop sometime! 



Copper Cow Coffee

A women owned and founded company from California, these lovely ladies are pioneers in the Vietnamese coffee business! Producing high quality, convenient little pocket sized packages that can be brewed anywhere, anytime, whether you're on-the-go or just relaxing at home. Look out for it on our shelves! 

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deconstructed banana blossom